• Ample crocks, cutlery, glasses, cooking stuff, kitchen scissors, can openers etc.
  • enough teabags, instant coffee and milk to be going on with
  • a pack of biscuits, or occasionally a cake so you can take a breather once you arrive.
  • oil, sugar, salt & pepper
  • ice in freezer
  • apron & oven gloves
  • kitchen roll, tinfoil and cling film
  • tea towels & dishcloths
  • pan scourers
  • hand soap
  • washing-up liquid & dishwash tabs
  • bin liners, cleaning goo, cloths and bucket


  • Beds made up with freshly laundered, pure cotton bedding on down duvets & synthetic pillows. (polyester duvets available if allergic to down).
  • hot water bottles
  • extra blankets


  • towels & flannels
  • basic toiletries - liquid soap, shower gel, shampoo, conditioner
  • loo rolls

Living Room

  • matches
  • firewood & kindling
  • maps


  • For hygiene reasons, we supply feeding mats only.
  • Please bring pets’ own bedding, leads, dishes, toys and cage if necessary.
  • It's a farm, and they get muddy –especially bring towels and throws for your pet!


We also supply cots & high chairs free of charge, sofa-bed (£50) and put-u-up (£25).
Order on booking or thereafter via ou website.